The worlds first emoji as a service platform. Along with apps, libraries and tools for a variety of different platforms emojidex includes a service where anyone can register their own emoji for everyone to use.

GAKU Engine

GAKU Engine is a highly customizable Open Source School Management System. It offers extensions to exceed the bounds of a standardized curriculum and original tools to augment the learning experience. It is the engine to drive a more dynamic education.


apngasm, the APNG Aseembler is a library and set of tools to assemble, disassemble and alter Animated PNG images. Team Phantom helps maintain and distribute version 3+ of apngasm along with author/CopyRights holder Max Stepin. Aside from apngasm core Team Phantom maintains the Ruby native extension rapngasm.

Scroll Ninja

A side scrolling grappling-line wall-running action game with unique game-play based on real ninja tools in traditional Japanese art.


A super high quality 360° photo rig featuring 400+ slices per rotation. Includes a web viewer that works on all platforms.

Phantom Open Emoji

The predecessor to A free and open set of emoji that anybody can use in any project without a fee and without any restrictive conditions.

[GenJitsu Meishi] Phantom AR Cards

Our first publicly released project was an Augmented Reality business card service. After general disinterest we discontinued the project.