About Phantom Creation Incorporated [GenSouSha]

Making reality what is amorphous in dream

GenSouSha [Phantom Creation] is a small group of radical creators, coders and designers in Japan.
We specialize in software, device, and mixed-media development.
We try to use use next generation technology and new ideas in what we make to help speed technological evolution.
We're also dedicated to Open Source - you can find most of our projects have been released in as open a manner as possible.

Company NameGenSouSha [幻創社]
(Previously: Genshin Souzou K.K.)
Phantom Creation Incorporated
EstablishedMay 23rd 2009
RepresentativesCEO Rei Kagetsuki
Starting Capitol500,000JPY

Stock/Share Status

Stock ModelPrivate Stock Corporation
Total Shares1,000
Distributed Shares51

Why "Phantom"? What does "GenSou" mean?

In Japanese the word "Phantom" does not have the same semantics as it does in English.
Our "Phantom" is an existence without form, a fleeting ideal, a memory of something you can no longer find, an existential rarity that you are sure exists but can not immediately confirm.
It's the adolescent friend who has long faded into memory and dreams, their figure and face now clouded and unclear, who has dissapeared into time.
It's the the tool you desire; clear in your minds eye but not yet forged.
It is the ideal, the catalyst, a dream waiting to be forged. These are our Phantom: Tools born in dreams and refinded and polished in our imaginations - their tangible forms the results of our creative labours.

*GenSouSha breaks down into three parts: 「幻」[gen] which means phantom and 「創」[sou] which means "creation" and 「社」[sha] which means company/incorporation.